Keep Close

Keep Close is the first full-length album by Winter Wayfarer and is the beginning to a concept album series. This chapter of the story focuses on the main character's early life, her longing to understand the world around her, and her parents' inherent struggles.

Released October 18, 2017

Engineering & production by Collin Hop in Le Mars, IA.
Mixing & Mastering by Jim Hughes (Northary) in Sioux Falls, SD.
Album artwork by Abigail Ervin.
Additional artwork by Jim Hughes.
Additional artwork and album design by Collin Hop.

All songs written, arranged, and recorded by Collin Hop.

Collin Hop: Vocals, Guitars, Acoustic, Piano, Synth, Accordion, Bass, Drums & Percussion
Jake Hansen, Ian Johnson, & Ryan Vande Vegte: Additional Vocals
Marty Balmer: Violin
Max Foster: Cello

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